5 Website Analytic Tools To Help Your Business

There are many important purposes that your business/personal websites provide your visitors. A place to be found, information, buying options, but the most important purpose is one that your visitors provide to you... data & analytics. Data has become invaluable for businesses of all sizes regardless of your industry. Website data will help you gauge performance, learn what type of audience you are attracting, how much traffic is coming to your site, and ultimately anything you need to improve upon. That’s why it’s important to track and record all of this data.

There are hundreds of useful website analytics tools that will help you do just that and then some. Some are free and some are very expensive. We’ve listed some of our favorites to help you pick the right tool, or tools, for you and your business.

If you currently don’t have analytics reporting for your website or are looking for a way to improve your current reporting, check out the tools above. Each offers its own unique capability that can be used in many different ways. A lot of businesses will have a few different analytics reporting tools for different reasons. It’s common to see a company use Google Analytics for website data as well as the Facebook Pixel for marketing purposes. It’s not uncommon to see discrepancies in analytics from different tools as attribution metrics can contradict one another, but it is always good to have multiple data sets to make more informed decisions. 

We hope you will use these tools to your advantage as we have been for a while!